libcoap 4.3.1
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
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 block.hCoAP Block information
 coap_address.hRepresentation of network addresses
 coap_asn1_internal.hCoAP ASN.1 internal information
 coap_async.hState management for asynchronous messages
 coap_async_internal.hCoAP async internal information
 coap_block_internal.hCoAP block internal information
 coap_cache.hProvides a simple cache request storage for CoAP requests
 coap_cache_internal.hCoAP cache internal information
 coap_debug.hCoAP Logging support
 coap_debug_internal.hCoAP debug internal information
 coap_dtls.hCoAP DTLS support
 coap_dtls_internal.hInternal CoAP DTLS support
 coap_event.hEvent handling
 coap_forward_decls.hCoAP forward definitions
 coap_hashkey.hDefinition of hash key type and helper functions
 coap_internal.hPulls together all the internal only header files
 coap_io.hDefault network I/O functions
 coap_io_internal.hInternal network I/O functions
 coap_mutex.hCoAP mutex mechanism wrapper
 coap_net_internal.hCoAP context internal information
 coap_option.hHelpers for handling options in CoAP PDUs
 coap_pdu_internal.hCoAP PDU internal information
 coap_prng.hPseudo Random Numbers
 coap_resource_internal.hGeneric resource internal handling
 coap_riot.hRIOT-specific definitions for libcoap
 coap_session.hDefines the application visible session information
 coap_session_internal.hCoAP session internal information
 coap_subscribe.hDefines the application visible subscribe information
 coap_subscribe_internal.hCoAP subscribe internal information
 coap_tcp_internal.hCoAP TCP internal information
 coap_time.hClock Handling
 encode.hEncoding and decoding of CoAP data types
 libcoap.hPlatform specific header file for CoAP stack
 mem.hCoAP memory handling
 net.hCoAP context interface
 pdu.hPre-defined constants that reflect defaults for CoAP
 resource.hGeneric resource handling
 str.hStrings to be used in the CoAP library
 uri.hHelper functions for URI treatment
 block.cCoAP Block handling
 coap_address.cHandling of network addresses
 coap_asn1.cCoAP specific ASN.1 handling
 coap_async.cState handling for asynchronous messages
 coap_cache.cCoAP Cache handling
 coap_debug.cDebug utilities
 coap_event.cEvent handling
 coap_gnutls.cGndTLS interafe functions
 coap_hashkey.cHashkey functions
 coap_io.cNetwork I/O functions
 coap_mbedtls.cMbed TLS specific interface functions
 coap_notls.cNoTLS specific interface functions
 coap_openssl.cOpenSSL specific interface functions
 coap_option.cCoAP option handling functions
 coap_prng.cPseudo Random Number functions
 coap_session.cSession handling functions
 coap_subscribe.cSubscription handling functions
 coap_tcp.cCoAP TCP handling functions
 coap_time.cClock handling functions
 coap_tinydtls.cTinyDTLS specific handling functions
 encode.cEncoding and decoding Coap data types functions
 mem.cMemory handling functions
 net.cCoAP context functions
 pdu.cCoAP PDU handling
 resource.cServer resource handling functions
 str.cString handling functions
 uri.cURI handling functions
 module_api_wrap.hDoxygen specific wrapper for Modules layout