This document outlines the overall direction that libcoap is development is envisioned to go.

Release 4.3

RIOT-OS Support ❌

Work is already in progress to update the libcoap package for RIOT-OS.


Retransmission Tasks for POSIX (✓)

The lwip and Contiki versions are able to handle retransmissions automatically. There is code that does this for POSIX as well, but it needs more testing and a fallback implementation in case the RT timer API is not available. This might also imply making the libcoap core MT-safe.

Update: A different approach has been taken for the main loop management. Applications now can select between APIs that do the complete work and a set of functions that provide fine-grained access to the retransmission logic.

Release 4.2 ✓

Release 4.1.2 ✓

This is the first release with the new directory structure and complete autotools-support for configuration and build.


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