libcoap 4.3.1
coap_dtls_key_t Struct Reference

The structure that holds the PKI key information. More...

#include <coap_dtls.h>

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Data Fields

coap_pki_key_t key_type
 key format type More...
union {
   coap_pki_key_pem_t   pem
 for PEM file keys More...
   coap_pki_key_pem_buf_t   pem_buf
 for PEM memory keys More...
   coap_pki_key_asn1_t   asn1
 for ASN.1 (DER) memory keys More...
   coap_pki_key_pkcs11_t   pkcs11
 for PKCS11 keys More...

Detailed Description

The structure that holds the PKI key information.

Definition at line 224 of file coap_dtls.h.

Field Documentation

◆ asn1

coap_pki_key_asn1_t coap_dtls_key_t::asn1

for ASN.1 (DER) memory keys

Definition at line 229 of file coap_dtls.h.


union { ... } coap_dtls_key_t::key

◆ key_type

coap_pki_key_t coap_dtls_key_t::key_type

key format type

Definition at line 225 of file coap_dtls.h.

◆ pem

coap_pki_key_pem_t coap_dtls_key_t::pem

for PEM file keys

Definition at line 227 of file coap_dtls.h.

◆ pem_buf

coap_pki_key_pem_buf_t coap_dtls_key_t::pem_buf

for PEM memory keys

Definition at line 228 of file coap_dtls.h.

◆ pkcs11

coap_pki_key_pkcs11_t coap_dtls_key_t::pkcs11

for PKCS11 keys

Definition at line 230 of file coap_dtls.h.

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