libcoap 4.3.4
oscore_ctx_t Struct Reference

#include <oscore_context.h>

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Data Fields

struct oscore_ctx_tnext
 Derived from Master Secret, Master Salt, and ID Context. More...
 contains GID in case of group More...
cose_alg_t aead_alg
cose_hkdf_alg_t hkdf_alg
oscore_mode_t mode
uint8_t rfc8613_b_1_2
 1 if rfc8613 B.1.2 enabled else 0 More...
uint8_t rfc8613_b_2
 1 if rfc8613 B.2 protocol else 0 More...
uint32_t ssn_freq
 Sender Seq Num update frequency. More...
uint32_t replay_window_size
coap_oscore_save_seq_num_t save_seq_num_func
 Called every seq num change. More...
void * save_seq_num_func_param
 Passed to save_seq_num_func() More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 84 of file oscore_context.h.

Field Documentation

◆ aead_alg

cose_alg_t oscore_ctx_t::aead_alg

Definition at line 93 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ common_iv

coap_bin_const_t* oscore_ctx_t::common_iv

Derived from Master Secret, Master Salt, and ID Context.

Definition at line 88 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ hkdf_alg

cose_hkdf_alg_t oscore_ctx_t::hkdf_alg

Definition at line 94 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ id_context

coap_bin_const_t* oscore_ctx_t::id_context

contains GID in case of group

Definition at line 90 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ master_salt

coap_bin_const_t* oscore_ctx_t::master_salt

Definition at line 87 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ master_secret

coap_bin_const_t* oscore_ctx_t::master_secret

Definition at line 86 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ mode

oscore_mode_t oscore_ctx_t::mode

Definition at line 95 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ next

struct oscore_ctx_t* oscore_ctx_t::next

Definition at line 85 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ recipient_chain

oscore_recipient_ctx_t* oscore_ctx_t::recipient_chain

Definition at line 92 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ replay_window_size

uint32_t oscore_ctx_t::replay_window_size

Definition at line 99 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ rfc8613_b_1_2

uint8_t oscore_ctx_t::rfc8613_b_1_2

1 if rfc8613 B.1.2 enabled else 0

Definition at line 96 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ rfc8613_b_2

uint8_t oscore_ctx_t::rfc8613_b_2

1 if rfc8613 B.2 protocol else 0

Definition at line 97 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ save_seq_num_func

coap_oscore_save_seq_num_t oscore_ctx_t::save_seq_num_func

Called every seq num change.

Definition at line 100 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ save_seq_num_func_param

void* oscore_ctx_t::save_seq_num_func_param

Passed to save_seq_num_func()

Definition at line 102 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ sender_context

oscore_sender_ctx_t* oscore_ctx_t::sender_context

Definition at line 91 of file oscore_context.h.

◆ ssn_freq

uint32_t oscore_ctx_t::ssn_freq

Sender Seq Num update frequency.

Definition at line 98 of file oscore_context.h.

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