libcoap 4.3.4
coap_lg_crcv_t Struct Reference

Structure to hold large body (many blocks) client receive information. More...

#include <coap_block_internal.h>

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Data Fields

struct coap_lg_crcv_tnext
uint8_t observe [3]
 Observe data (if observe_set) (only 24 bits) More...
uint8_t observe_length
 Length of observe data. More...
uint8_t observe_set
 Set if this is an observe receive PDU. More...
uint8_t szx
 size of individual blocks More...
uint8_t etag_set
 Set if ETag is in receive PDU. More...
uint8_t etag_length
 ETag length. More...
uint8_t etag [8]
 ETag for block checking. More...
uint16_t content_format
 Content format for the set of blocks. More...
uint8_t last_type
 Last request type (CON/NON) More...
uint8_t initial
 If set, has not been used yet. More...
uint16_t block_option
 Block option in use. More...
uint16_t retry_counter
 Retry counter (part of state token) More...
size_t total_len
 Length as indicated by SIZE2 option. More...
 Used for re-assembling entire body. More...
 app requesting PDU token More...
coap_bin_const_t ** obs_token
 Tokens used in setting up Observe (to handle large FETCH) More...
size_t obs_token_cnt
 number of tokens used to set up Observe More...
uint64_t state_token
 state token More...
coap_pdu_t pdu
 skeletal PDU More...
coap_rblock_t rec_blocks
coap_tick_t last_used
 < list of received blocks More...

Detailed Description

Structure to hold large body (many blocks) client receive information.

Definition at line 146 of file coap_block_internal.h.

Field Documentation

◆ app_token

coap_binary_t* coap_lg_crcv_t::app_token

app requesting PDU token

Definition at line 162 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ block_option

uint16_t coap_lg_crcv_t::block_option

Block option in use.

Definition at line 158 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ body_data

coap_binary_t* coap_lg_crcv_t::body_data

Used for re-assembling entire body.

Definition at line 161 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ content_format

uint16_t coap_lg_crcv_t::content_format

Content format for the set of blocks.

Definition at line 155 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ etag

uint8_t coap_lg_crcv_t::etag[8]

ETag for block checking.

Definition at line 154 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ etag_length

uint8_t coap_lg_crcv_t::etag_length

ETag length.

Definition at line 153 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ etag_set

uint8_t coap_lg_crcv_t::etag_set

Set if ETag is in receive PDU.

Definition at line 152 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ initial

uint8_t coap_lg_crcv_t::initial

If set, has not been used yet.

Definition at line 157 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ last_type

uint8_t coap_lg_crcv_t::last_type

Last request type (CON/NON)

Definition at line 156 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ last_used

coap_tick_t coap_lg_crcv_t::last_used

< list of received blocks

Last time all data sent or 0

Definition at line 169 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ next

struct coap_lg_crcv_t* coap_lg_crcv_t::next

Definition at line 147 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ obs_token

coap_bin_const_t** coap_lg_crcv_t::obs_token

Tokens used in setting up Observe (to handle large FETCH)

Definition at line 163 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ obs_token_cnt

size_t coap_lg_crcv_t::obs_token_cnt

number of tokens used to set up Observe

Definition at line 165 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ observe

uint8_t coap_lg_crcv_t::observe[3]

Observe data (if observe_set) (only 24 bits)

Definition at line 148 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ observe_length

uint8_t coap_lg_crcv_t::observe_length

Length of observe data.

Definition at line 149 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ observe_set

uint8_t coap_lg_crcv_t::observe_set

Set if this is an observe receive PDU.

Definition at line 150 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ pdu

coap_pdu_t coap_lg_crcv_t::pdu

skeletal PDU

Definition at line 167 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ rec_blocks

coap_rblock_t coap_lg_crcv_t::rec_blocks

Definition at line 168 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ retry_counter

uint16_t coap_lg_crcv_t::retry_counter

Retry counter (part of state token)

Definition at line 159 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ state_token

uint64_t coap_lg_crcv_t::state_token

state token

Definition at line 166 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ szx

uint8_t coap_lg_crcv_t::szx

size of individual blocks

Definition at line 151 of file coap_block_internal.h.

◆ total_len

size_t coap_lg_crcv_t::total_len

Length as indicated by SIZE2 option.

Definition at line 160 of file coap_block_internal.h.

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