libcoap 4.3.2
oscore_cbor.h File Reference

An implementation of the Concise Binary Object Representation (RFC). More...

#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
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#define CBOR_BYTE_STRING   2
#define CBOR_TEXT_STRING   3
#define CBOR_ARRAY   4
#define CBOR_MAP   5
#define CBOR_TAG   6
#define CBOR_FALSE   20
#define CBOR_TRUE   21
#define CBOR_NULL   22


size_t oscore_cbor_put_nil (uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size)
size_t oscore_cbor_put_true (uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size)
size_t oscore_cbor_put_false (uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size)
size_t oscore_cbor_put_text (uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size, const char *text, size_t text_len)
size_t oscore_cbor_put_array (uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size, size_t elements)
size_t oscore_cbor_put_bytes (uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size, const uint8_t *bytes, size_t bytes_len)
size_t oscore_cbor_put_map (uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size, size_t elements)
size_t oscore_cbor_put_number (uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size, int64_t value)
size_t oscore_cbor_put_simple_value (uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size, uint8_t value)
size_t oscore_cbor_put_unsigned (uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size, uint64_t value)
size_t oscore_cbor_put_tag (uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size, uint64_t value)
size_t oscore_cbor_put_negative (uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size, int64_t value)
uint8_t oscore_cbor_get_next_element (const uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size)
size_t oscore_cbor_get_element_size (const uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size)
uint8_t oscore_cbor_elem_contained (const uint8_t *data, size_t *buf_size, uint8_t *end)
uint8_t oscore_cbor_get_number (const uint8_t **data, size_t *buf_size, int64_t *value)
uint8_t oscore_cbor_get_simple_value (const uint8_t **data, size_t *buf_size, uint8_t *value)
int64_t oscore_cbor_get_negative_integer (const uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size)
uint64_t oscore_cbor_get_unsigned_integer (const uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size)
void oscore_cbor_get_string (const uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size, char *str, size_t size)
void oscore_cbor_get_array (const uint8_t **buffer, size_t *buf_size, uint8_t *arr, size_t size)
uint8_t oscore_cbor_get_string_array (const uint8_t **data, size_t *buf_size, uint8_t **result, size_t *len)
uint8_t oscore_cbor_strip_value (const uint8_t **data, size_t *buf_size, uint8_t **result, size_t *len)

Detailed Description

An implementation of the Concise Binary Object Representation (RFC).

Martin Gunnarsson extended for libcoap by: Peter van der Stok on request of Fairhair alliance adapted for libcoap integration Jon Shallow

Definition in file oscore_cbor.h.