libcoap 4.3.2
coap_resource_internal.h File Reference

Generic resource internal handling. More...

#include "coap_internal.h"
#include "coap_uthash_internal.h"
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Data Structures

struct  coap_attr_t
 Limits the number of subscribers for each resource that this server support. More...
struct  coap_resource_t
 Abstraction of resource that can be attached to coap_context_t. More...


#define RESOURCES_ADD(r, obj)    HASH_ADD(hh, (r), uri_path->s[0], (obj)->uri_path->length, (obj))
#define RESOURCES_DELETE(r, obj)    HASH_DELETE(hh, (r), (obj))
#define RESOURCES_ITER(r, tmp)
#define RESOURCES_FIND(r, k, res)


void coap_delete_all_resources (coap_context_t *context)
 Deletes all resources from given context and frees their storage. More...
void coap_delete_attr (coap_attr_t *attr)
 Deletes an attribute. More...
coap_print_status_t coap_print_wellknown (coap_context_t *, unsigned char *, size_t *, size_t, const coap_string_t *)

Detailed Description

Generic resource internal handling.

Definition in file coap_resource_internal.h.