libcoap  4.3.0
coap_opt_iterator_t Struct Reference

Iterator to run through PDU options. More...

#include <option.h>

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Data Fields

size_t length
 remaining length of PDU More...
coap_option_num_t number
 decoded option number More...
unsigned int bad:1
 iterator object is ok if not set More...
unsigned int filtered:1
 denotes whether or not filter is used More...
 pointer to the unparsed next option More...
coap_opt_filter_t filter
 option filter More...

Detailed Description

Iterator to run through PDU options.

This object must be initialized with coap_option_iterator_init(). Call coap_option_next() to walk through the list of options until coap_option_next() returns NULL.

coap_opt_t *option;
while ((option = coap_option_next(&opt_iter))) {
... do something with option ...
coap_opt_t * coap_option_next(coap_opt_iterator_t *oi)
Updates the iterator oi to point to the next option.
Definition: option.c:148
#define COAP_OPT_ALL
Pre-defined filter that includes all options.
Definition: option.h:107
coap_opt_iterator_t * coap_option_iterator_init(const coap_pdu_t *pdu, coap_opt_iterator_t *oi, const coap_opt_filter_t *filter)
Initializes the given option iterator oi to point to the beginning of the pdu's option list.
Definition: option.c:112
uint8_t coap_opt_t
Use byte-oriented access methods here because sliding a complex struct coap_opt_t over the data buffe...
Definition: option.h:26
Iterator to run through PDU options.
Definition: option.h:170

Definition at line 170 of file option.h.

Field Documentation

◆ bad

unsigned int coap_opt_iterator_t::bad

iterator object is ok if not set

Definition at line 173 of file option.h.

◆ filter

coap_opt_filter_t coap_opt_iterator_t::filter

option filter

Definition at line 176 of file option.h.

◆ filtered

unsigned int coap_opt_iterator_t::filtered

denotes whether or not filter is used

Definition at line 174 of file option.h.

◆ length

size_t coap_opt_iterator_t::length

remaining length of PDU

Definition at line 171 of file option.h.

◆ next_option

coap_opt_t* coap_opt_iterator_t::next_option

pointer to the unparsed next option

Definition at line 175 of file option.h.

◆ number

coap_option_num_t coap_opt_iterator_t::number

decoded option number

Definition at line 172 of file option.h.

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