libcoap  4.2.1
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 address.hRepresentation of network addresses
 async.cState management for asynchronous messages
 async.hState management for asynchronous messages
 bits.hBit vector manipulation
 coap_forward_decls.hCOAP forward definitions
 coap_hashkey.hDefinition of hash key type and helper functions
 coap_internal.hPulls together all the internal only header files
 coap_mutex.hCOAP mutex mechanism wrapper
 coap_session.hDefines the application visible session information
 coap_session_internal.hCOAP session internal information
 coap_subscribe_internal.hCOAP subscribe internal information
 coap_time.hClock Handling
 option.hHelpers for handling options in CoAP PDUs
 pdu.hPre-defined constants that reflect defaults for CoAP
 prng.hPseudo Random Numbers
 resource.hGeneric resource handling
 subscribe.hDefines the application visible subscribe information