libcoap  4.2.0
coap_session_t Struct Reference

#include <coap_session.h>

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Data Fields

struct coap_session_tnext
coap_proto_t proto
 protocol used More...
coap_session_type_t type
 client or server side socket More...
coap_session_state_t state
 current state of relationaship with peer More...
unsigned ref
 reference count from queues More...
unsigned tls_overhead
 overhead of TLS layer More...
unsigned mtu
 path or CSM mtu More...
coap_address_t local_if
 optional local interface address More...
coap_address_t remote_addr
 remote address and port More...
coap_address_t local_addr
 local address and port More...
int ifindex
 interface index More...
coap_socket_t sock
 socket object for the session, if any More...
struct coap_endpoint_tendpoint
 session's endpoint More...
struct coap_context_tcontext
 session's context More...
void * tls
 security parameters More...
uint16_t tx_mid
 the last message id that was used in this session More...
uint8_t con_active
 Active CON request sent. More...
struct coap_queue_tdelayqueue
 list of delayed messages waiting to be sent More...
size_t partial_write
 if > 0 indicates number of bytes already written from the pdu at the head of sendqueue More...
uint8_t read_header [8]
 storage space for header of incoming message header More...
size_t partial_read
 if > 0 indicates number of bytes already read for an incoming message More...
 incomplete incoming pdu More...
coap_tick_t last_rx_tx
coap_tick_t last_tx_rst
coap_tick_t last_ping
coap_tick_t last_pong
coap_tick_t csm_tx
size_t psk_identity_len
size_t psk_key_len
void * app
 application-specific data More...
unsigned int max_retransmit
 maximum re-transmit count (default 4) More...
coap_fixed_point_t ack_timeout
 timeout waiting for ack (default 2 secs) More...
coap_fixed_point_t ack_random_factor
 ack random factor backoff (default 1.5) More...
unsigned int dtls_timeout_count
 dtls setup retry counter More...
int dtls_event
 Tracking any (D)TLS events on this sesison. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file coap_session.h.

Field Documentation

◆ ack_random_factor

coap_fixed_point_t coap_session_t::ack_random_factor

ack random factor backoff (default 1.5)

Definition at line 91 of file coap_session.h.

◆ ack_timeout

coap_fixed_point_t coap_session_t::ack_timeout

timeout waiting for ack (default 2 secs)

Definition at line 90 of file coap_session.h.

◆ app

void* coap_session_t::app

application-specific data

Definition at line 88 of file coap_session.h.

◆ con_active

uint8_t coap_session_t::con_active

Active CON request sent.

Definition at line 73 of file coap_session.h.

◆ context

struct coap_context_t* coap_session_t::context

session's context

Definition at line 70 of file coap_session.h.

◆ csm_tx

coap_tick_t coap_session_t::csm_tx

Definition at line 83 of file coap_session.h.

◆ delayqueue

struct coap_queue_t* coap_session_t::delayqueue

list of delayed messages waiting to be sent

Definition at line 74 of file coap_session.h.

◆ dtls_event

int coap_session_t::dtls_event

Tracking any (D)TLS events on this sesison.

Definition at line 93 of file coap_session.h.

◆ dtls_timeout_count

unsigned int coap_session_t::dtls_timeout_count

dtls setup retry counter

Definition at line 92 of file coap_session.h.

◆ endpoint

struct coap_endpoint_t* coap_session_t::endpoint

session's endpoint

Definition at line 69 of file coap_session.h.

◆ ifindex

int coap_session_t::ifindex

interface index

Definition at line 67 of file coap_session.h.

◆ last_ping

coap_tick_t coap_session_t::last_ping

Definition at line 81 of file coap_session.h.

◆ last_pong

coap_tick_t coap_session_t::last_pong

Definition at line 82 of file coap_session.h.

◆ last_rx_tx

coap_tick_t coap_session_t::last_rx_tx

Definition at line 79 of file coap_session.h.

◆ last_tx_rst

coap_tick_t coap_session_t::last_tx_rst

Definition at line 80 of file coap_session.h.

◆ local_addr

coap_address_t coap_session_t::local_addr

local address and port

Definition at line 66 of file coap_session.h.

◆ local_if

coap_address_t coap_session_t::local_if

optional local interface address

Definition at line 64 of file coap_session.h.

◆ max_retransmit

unsigned int coap_session_t::max_retransmit

maximum re-transmit count (default 4)

Definition at line 89 of file coap_session.h.

◆ mtu

unsigned coap_session_t::mtu

path or CSM mtu

Definition at line 63 of file coap_session.h.

◆ next

struct coap_session_t* coap_session_t::next

Definition at line 57 of file coap_session.h.

◆ partial_pdu

coap_pdu_t* coap_session_t::partial_pdu

incomplete incoming pdu

Definition at line 78 of file coap_session.h.

◆ partial_read

size_t coap_session_t::partial_read

if > 0 indicates number of bytes already read for an incoming message

Definition at line 77 of file coap_session.h.

◆ partial_write

size_t coap_session_t::partial_write

if > 0 indicates number of bytes already written from the pdu at the head of sendqueue

Definition at line 75 of file coap_session.h.

◆ proto

coap_proto_t coap_session_t::proto

protocol used

Definition at line 58 of file coap_session.h.

◆ psk_identity

uint8_t* coap_session_t::psk_identity

Definition at line 84 of file coap_session.h.

◆ psk_identity_len

size_t coap_session_t::psk_identity_len

Definition at line 85 of file coap_session.h.

◆ psk_key

uint8_t* coap_session_t::psk_key

Definition at line 86 of file coap_session.h.

◆ psk_key_len

size_t coap_session_t::psk_key_len

Definition at line 87 of file coap_session.h.

◆ read_header

uint8_t coap_session_t::read_header[8]

storage space for header of incoming message header

Definition at line 76 of file coap_session.h.

◆ ref

unsigned coap_session_t::ref

reference count from queues

Definition at line 61 of file coap_session.h.

◆ remote_addr

coap_address_t coap_session_t::remote_addr

remote address and port

Definition at line 65 of file coap_session.h.

◆ sock

coap_socket_t coap_session_t::sock

socket object for the session, if any

Definition at line 68 of file coap_session.h.

◆ state

coap_session_state_t coap_session_t::state

current state of relationaship with peer

Definition at line 60 of file coap_session.h.

◆ tls

void* coap_session_t::tls

security parameters

Definition at line 71 of file coap_session.h.

◆ tls_overhead

unsigned coap_session_t::tls_overhead

overhead of TLS layer

Definition at line 62 of file coap_session.h.

◆ tx_mid

uint16_t coap_session_t::tx_mid

the last message id that was used in this session

Definition at line 72 of file coap_session.h.

◆ type

coap_session_type_t coap_session_t::type

client or server side socket

Definition at line 59 of file coap_session.h.

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