libcoap  4.3.0beta
resource.h File Reference

Generic resource handling. More...

#include "uthash.h"
#include "async.h"
#include "block.h"
#include "str.h"
#include "pdu.h"
#include "net.h"
#include "subscribe.h"
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Data Structures

struct  coap_attr_t
struct  coap_resource_t


 The interval in seconds to check if resources have changed. More...
 The URI passed to coap_resource_init() is free'd by coap_delete_resource(). More...
 Notifications will be sent non-confirmable by default. More...
 Notifications will be sent confirmable. More...
 Notifications will always be sent non-confirmable. More...
#define COAP_PRINT_STATUS_MASK   0xF0000000u
#define COAP_PRINT_STATUS_ERROR   0x80000000u
#define COAP_PRINT_STATUS_TRUNC   0x40000000u
#define RESOURCES_ADD(r, obj)    HASH_ADD(hh, (r), uri_path->s[0], (obj)->uri_path->length, (obj))
#define RESOURCES_DELETE(r, obj)    HASH_DELETE(hh, (r), (obj))
#define RESOURCES_ITER(r, tmp)
#define RESOURCES_FIND(r, k, res)


typedef void(* coap_method_handler_t) (coap_context_t *, struct coap_resource_t *, coap_session_t *, coap_pdu_t *, coap_binary_t *, coap_string_t *, coap_pdu_t *)
 Definition of message handler function. More...
typedef struct coap_attr_t coap_attr_t
typedef struct coap_resource_t coap_resource_t
typedef unsigned int coap_print_status_t
 Status word to encode the result of conditional print or copy operations such as coap_print_link(). More...


coap_resource_tcoap_resource_init (coap_str_const_t *uri_path, int flags)
 Creates a new resource object and initializes the link field to the string uri_path. More...
coap_resource_tcoap_resource_unknown_init (coap_method_handler_t put_handler)
 Creates a new resource object for the unknown resource handler with support for PUT. More...
coap_resource_tcoap_resource_proxy_uri_init (coap_method_handler_t handler, size_t host_name_count, const char *host_name_list[])
 Creates a new resource object for handling proxy URIs. More...
COAP_STATIC_INLINE void coap_resource_set_mode (coap_resource_t *resource, int mode)
 Sets the notification message type of resource resource to given mode. More...
COAP_STATIC_INLINE void coap_resource_set_userdata (coap_resource_t *resource, void *data)
 Sets the user_data. More...
COAP_STATIC_INLINE void * coap_resource_get_userdata (coap_resource_t *resource)
 Gets the user_data. More...
void coap_add_resource (coap_context_t *context, coap_resource_t *resource)
 Registers the given resource for context. More...
int coap_delete_resource (coap_context_t *context, coap_resource_t *resource)
 Deletes a resource identified by resource. More...
void coap_delete_all_resources (coap_context_t *context)
 Deletes all resources from given context and frees their storage. More...
coap_attr_tcoap_add_attr (coap_resource_t *resource, coap_str_const_t *name, coap_str_const_t *value, int flags)
 Registers a new attribute with the given resource. More...
coap_attr_tcoap_find_attr (coap_resource_t *resource, coap_str_const_t *name)
 Returns resource's coap_attr_t object with given name if found, NULL otherwise. More...
void coap_delete_attr (coap_attr_t *attr)
 Deletes an attribute. More...
coap_print_status_t coap_print_link (const coap_resource_t *resource, unsigned char *buf, size_t *len, size_t *offset)
 Writes a description of this resource in link-format to given text buffer. More...
void coap_register_handler (coap_resource_t *resource, coap_request_t method, coap_method_handler_t handler)
 Registers the specified handler as message handler for the request type method. More...
coap_resource_tcoap_get_resource_from_uri_path (coap_context_t *context, coap_str_const_t *uri_path)
 Returns the resource identified by the unique string uri_path. More...
coap_subscription_tcoap_add_observer (coap_resource_t *resource, coap_session_t *session, const coap_binary_t *token, coap_string_t *query, int has_block2, coap_block_t block2, uint8_t code)
 Adds the specified peer as observer for resource. More...
coap_subscription_tcoap_find_observer (coap_resource_t *resource, coap_session_t *session, const coap_binary_t *token)
 Returns a subscription object for given peer. More...
void coap_touch_observer (coap_context_t *context, coap_session_t *session, const coap_binary_t *token)
 Flags that data is ready to be sent to observers. More...
int coap_delete_observer (coap_resource_t *resource, coap_session_t *session, const coap_binary_t *token)
 Removes any subscription for observer from resource and releases the allocated storage. More...
void coap_delete_observers (coap_context_t *context, coap_session_t *session)
 Removes any subscription for session and releases the allocated storage. More...
COAP_STATIC_INLINE void coap_resource_set_get_observable (coap_resource_t *resource, int mode)
 Set whether a resource is observable. More...
int coap_resource_notify_observers (coap_resource_t *resource, const coap_string_t *query)
 Initiate the sending of an Observe packet for all observers of resource, optionally matching query if not NULL. More...
COAP_STATIC_INLINE coap_str_const_tcoap_resource_get_uri_path (coap_resource_t *resource)
 Get the UriPath from a resource. More...
void coap_check_notify (coap_context_t *context)
 Checks for all known resources, if they are dirty and notifies subscribed observers. More...
coap_print_status_t coap_print_wellknown (coap_context_t *, unsigned char *, size_t *, size_t, coap_opt_t *)
 Prints the names of all known resources to buf. More...
void coap_handle_failed_notify (coap_context_t *, coap_session_t *, const coap_binary_t *)
COAP_DEPRECATED int coap_resource_set_dirty (coap_resource_t *r, const coap_string_t *query)

Detailed Description

Generic resource handling.

Definition in file resource.h.

Macro Definition Documentation



The interval in seconds to check if resources have changed.

Definition at line 20 of file resource.h.


#define RESOURCES_ADD (   r,
)     HASH_ADD(hh, (r), uri_path->s[0], (obj)->uri_path->length, (obj))

Definition at line 422 of file resource.h.


#define RESOURCES_DELETE (   r,
)     HASH_DELETE(hh, (r), (obj))

Definition at line 425 of file resource.h.


#define RESOURCES_FIND (   r,
{ \
HASH_FIND(hh, (r), (k)->s, (k)->length, (res)); \

Definition at line 432 of file resource.h.


#define RESOURCES_ITER (   r,
coap_resource_t *tmp, *rtmp; \
HASH_ITER(hh, (r), tmp, rtmp)

Definition at line 428 of file resource.h.

Function Documentation

◆ coap_check_notify()

void coap_check_notify ( coap_context_t context)

Checks for all known resources, if they are dirty and notifies subscribed observers.

Definition at line 999 of file resource.c.

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◆ coap_get_resource_from_uri_path()

coap_resource_t* coap_get_resource_from_uri_path ( coap_context_t context,
coap_str_const_t uri_path 

Returns the resource identified by the unique string uri_path.

If no resource was found, this function returns NULL.

contextThe context to look for this resource.
uri_pathThe unique string uri of the resource.
A pointer to the resource or NULL if not found.

Definition at line 603 of file resource.c.

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◆ coap_handle_failed_notify()

void coap_handle_failed_notify ( coap_context_t context,
coap_session_t session,
const coap_binary_t token 

Definition at line 1062 of file resource.c.

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◆ coap_print_wellknown()

coap_print_status_t coap_print_wellknown ( coap_context_t context,
unsigned char *  buf,
size_t *  buflen,
size_t  offset,
coap_opt_t query_filter 

Prints the names of all known resources to buf.

This function sets buflen to the number of bytes actually written and returns 1 on succes. On error, the value in buflen is undefined and the return value will be 0.

contextThe context with the resource map.
bufThe buffer to write the result.
buflenMust be initialized to the maximum length of buf and will be set to the length of the well-known response on return.
offsetThe offset in bytes where the output shall start and is shifted accordingly with the characters that have been processed. This parameter is used to support the block option.
query_filterA filter query according to Link Format
COAP_PRINT_STATUS_ERROR on error. Otherwise, the lower 28 bits are set to the number of bytes that have actually been written to buf. COAP_PRINT_STATUS_TRUNC is set when the output has been truncated.

Definition at line 169 of file resource.c.

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ coap_resource_set_dirty()

COAP_DEPRECATED int coap_resource_set_dirty ( coap_resource_t r,
const coap_string_t query 
use coap_resource_notify_observers() instead.

Definition at line 943 of file resource.c.

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