libcoap 4.3.1
Deprecated List
Global coap_clear_event_handler (coap_context_t *context)
Use coap_register_event_handler() instead with NULL for hnd.
Global coap_encode_var_bytes (uint8_t *buf, unsigned int value)
Use coap_encode_var_safe() instead. Provided for backward compatibility. As value has a maximum value of 0xffffffff, and buf is usually defined as an array, it is unsafe to continue to use this variant if buf[] is less than buf[4].
Class coap_option
Use coap_optlist_t instead.
Global coap_option_clrb (coap_opt_filter_t *filter, uint16_t type)
Use coap_option_filter_unset() instead.
Global coap_option_getb (coap_opt_filter_t *filter, uint16_t type)
Use coap_option_filter_get() instead.
Global coap_option_setb (coap_opt_filter_t *filter, uint16_t type)
Use coap_option_filter_set() instead.
Global coap_read (coap_context_t *ctx, coap_tick_t now)
Use coap_io_do_io() instead.
Global coap_resource_set_dirty (coap_resource_t *r, const coap_string_t *query)
use coap_resource_notify_observers() instead.
Global coap_run_once (coap_context_t *ctx, uint32_t timeout_ms)
Use coap_io_process() instead.
Global coap_set_event_handler (coap_context_t *context, coap_event_handler_t hnd)
Use coap_register_event_handler() instead.
Global coap_write (coap_context_t *ctx, coap_socket_t *sockets[], unsigned int max_sockets, unsigned int *num_sockets, coap_tick_t now)
Use coap_io_prepare_io() instead.