libcoap  4.3.0rc2
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1 /*
2  * coap_context_internal.h -- Structures, Enums & Functions that are not
3  * exposed to application programming
4  *
5  * Copyright (C) 2010-2021 Olaf Bergmann <>
6  *
7  * This file is part of the CoAP library libcoap. Please see README for terms
8  * of use.
9  */
29 struct coap_queue_t {
30  struct coap_queue_t *next;
32  unsigned char retransmit_cnt;
34  unsigned int timeout;
38 };
55 #ifndef WITHOUT_ASYNC
59 #endif /* WITHOUT_ASYNC */
69 #ifdef WITH_CONTIKI
70  struct uip_udp_conn *conn;
71  struct etimer retransmit_timer;
73  struct etimer notify_timer;
74 #endif /* WITH_CONTIKI */
76 #ifdef WITH_LWIP
77  uint8_t timer_configured;
80 #endif /* WITH_LWIP */
93  ssize_t (*network_send)(coap_socket_t *sock, const coap_session_t *session,
94  const uint8_t *data, size_t datalen);
96  ssize_t (*network_read)(coap_socket_t *sock, coap_packet_t *packet);
98  size_t(*get_client_psk)(const coap_session_t *session, const uint8_t *hint,
99  size_t hint_len, uint8_t *identity,
100  size_t *identity_len, size_t max_identity_len,
101  uint8_t *psk, size_t max_psk_len);
102  size_t(*get_server_psk)(const coap_session_t *session,
103  const uint8_t *identity, size_t identity_len,
104  uint8_t *psk, size_t max_psk_len);
105  size_t(*get_server_hint)(const coap_session_t *session, uint8_t *hint,
106  size_t max_hint_len);
113  unsigned int session_timeout;
116  unsigned int max_idle_sessions;
119  unsigned int max_handshake_sessions;
122  unsigned int ping_timeout;
125  unsigned int csm_timeout;
127  uint8_t observe_pending;
128  uint8_t block_mode;
129  uint64_t etag;
136  void *app;
138  int epfd;
139  int eptimerfd;
140  coap_tick_t next_timeout;
141 #endif /* COAP_EPOLL_SUPPORT */
142 };
152 int coap_insert_node(coap_queue_t **queue, coap_queue_t *node);
161 int coap_delete_node(coap_queue_t *node);
170 void coap_delete_all(coap_queue_t *queue);
184 unsigned int coap_adjust_basetime(coap_context_t *ctx, coap_tick_t now);
220 int coap_handle_dgram(coap_context_t *ctx, coap_session_t *session, uint8_t *data, size_t data_len);
239  coap_session_t *session,
240  coap_mid_t id,
241  coap_queue_t **node);
244 coap_wait_ack( coap_context_t *context, coap_session_t *session,
245  coap_queue_t *node);
257  coap_session_t *session,
258  const uint8_t *token,
259  size_t token_length);
268 void
270  coap_session_t *session,
271  coap_nack_reason_t reason);
276 void coap_dispatch(coap_context_t *context, coap_session_t *session,
277  coap_pdu_t *pdu);
311  coap_pdu_t *pdu,
312  coap_opt_filter_t unknown);
326  coap_session_t *session,
327  coap_pdu_t *request);
342 unsigned int coap_calc_timeout(coap_session_t *session, unsigned char r);
346 #endif /* COAP_NET_INTERNAL_H_ */
Definition: coap_io.h:62
uint64_t coap_tick_t
This data type represents internal timer ticks with COAP_TICKS_PER_SECOND resolution.
Definition: coap_time.h:120
void(* coap_resource_release_userdata_handler_t)(void *user_data)
Definition of release resource user_data callback function.
Definition: resource.h:213
coap_queue_t * coap_peek_next(coap_context_t *context)
Returns the next pdu to send without removing from sendqeue.
Definition: net.c:272
unsigned int coap_adjust_basetime(coap_context_t *ctx, coap_tick_t now)
Set sendqueue_basetime in the given context object ctx to now.
Definition: net.c:155
void coap_delete_all(coap_queue_t *queue)
Removes all items from given queue and frees the allocated storage.
Definition: net.c:249
int coap_remove_from_queue(coap_queue_t **queue, coap_session_t *session, coap_mid_t id, coap_queue_t **node)
This function removes the element with given id from the list given list.
Definition: net.c:1935
int coap_delete_node(coap_queue_t *node)
Destroys specified node.
Definition: net.c:229
coap_queue_t * coap_new_node(void)
Creates a new node suitable for adding to the CoAP sendqueue.
Definition: net.c:258
coap_queue_t * coap_pop_next(coap_context_t *context)
Returns the next pdu to send and removes it from the sendqeue.
Definition: net.c:280
coap_pdu_t * coap_wellknown_response(coap_context_t *context, coap_session_t *session, coap_pdu_t *request)
Creates a new response for given request with the contents of .well-known/core.
Definition: net.c:2187
void coap_dispatch(coap_context_t *context, coap_session_t *session, coap_pdu_t *pdu)
Dispatches the PDUs from the receive queue in given context.
Definition: net.c:2971
int coap_insert_node(coap_queue_t **queue, coap_queue_t *node)
Adds node to given queue, ordered by variable t in node.
Definition: net.c:192
unsigned int coap_calc_timeout(coap_session_t *session, unsigned char r)
Calculates the initial timeout based on the session CoAP transmission parameters 'ack_timeout',...
Definition: net.c:944
int coap_option_check_critical(coap_context_t *ctx, coap_pdu_t *pdu, coap_opt_filter_t unknown)
Verifies that pdu contains no unknown critical options.
Definition: net.c:698
coap_mid_t coap_retransmit(coap_context_t *context, coap_queue_t *node)
Handles retransmissions of confirmable messages.
Definition: net.c:1337
void coap_cancel_all_messages(coap_context_t *context, coap_session_t *session, const uint8_t *token, size_t token_length)
Cancels all outstanding messages for session session that have the specified token.
Definition: net.c:2016
coap_mid_t coap_wait_ack(coap_context_t *context, coap_session_t *session, coap_queue_t *node)
Definition: net.c:970
void coap_cancel_session_messages(coap_context_t *context, coap_session_t *session, coap_nack_reason_t reason)
Cancels all outstanding messages for session session.
Definition: net.c:1979
int coap_handle_dgram(coap_context_t *ctx, coap_session_t *session, uint8_t *data, size_t data_len)
Parses and interprets a CoAP datagram with context ctx.
Definition: net.c:1898
coap_response_t(* coap_response_handler_t)(coap_context_t *context, coap_session_t *session, coap_pdu_t *sent, coap_pdu_t *received, const coap_mid_t id)
Response handler that is used as callback in coap_context_t.
Definition: net.h:53
void(* coap_pong_handler_t)(coap_context_t *context, coap_session_t *session, coap_pdu_t *received, const coap_mid_t id)
Received Pong handler that is used as callback in coap_context_t.
Definition: net.h:95
void(* coap_nack_handler_t)(coap_context_t *context, coap_session_t *session, coap_pdu_t *sent, coap_nack_reason_t reason, const coap_mid_t id)
Negative Acknowedge handler that is used as callback in coap_context_t.
Definition: net.h:68
void(* coap_ping_handler_t)(coap_context_t *context, coap_session_t *session, coap_pdu_t *received, const coap_mid_t id)
Received Ping handler that is used as callback in coap_context_t.
Definition: net.h:82
int(* coap_event_handler_t)(coap_context_t *, coap_event_t event, coap_session_t *session)
Type for event handler functions that can be registered with a CoAP context using the unction coap_se...
Definition: coap_event.h:62
int coap_mid_t
coap_mid_t is used to store the CoAP Message ID of a CoAP PDU.
Definition: pdu.h:229
The CoAP stack's global state is stored in a coap_context_t object.
coap_tick_t sendqueue_basetime
The time stamp in the first element of the sendqeue is relative to sendqueue_basetime.
coap_pong_handler_t pong_handler
uint64_t etag
Next ETag to use.
unsigned int csm_timeout
Timeout for waiting for a CSM from the remote side.
void * app
application-specific data
coap_async_t * async_state
list of asynchronous message ids
coap_session_t * sessions
client sessions
coap_nack_handler_t nack_handler
unsigned int ping_timeout
Minimum inactivity time before sending a ping message.
size_t(* get_server_psk)(const coap_session_t *session, const uint8_t *identity, size_t identity_len, uint8_t *psk, size_t max_psk_len)
coap_resource_t * resources
hash table or list of known resources
ssize_t(* network_send)(coap_socket_t *sock, const coap_session_t *session, const uint8_t *data, size_t datalen)
uint16_t * cache_ignore_options
CoAP options to ignore when creating a cache-key.
coap_opt_filter_t known_options
coap_resource_release_userdata_handler_t release_userdata
function to release user_data when resource is deleted
coap_ping_handler_t ping_handler
size_t cache_ignore_count
The number of CoAP options to ignore when creating a cache-key.
unsigned int max_handshake_sessions
Maximum number of simultaneous negotating sessions per endpoint.
coap_queue_t * sendqueue
coap_response_handler_t response_handler
coap_cache_entry_t * cache
CoAP cache-entry cache.
uint8_t observe_pending
Observe response pending.
coap_endpoint_t * endpoint
the endpoints used for listening
size_t(* get_server_hint)(const coap_session_t *session, uint8_t *hint, size_t max_hint_len)
coap_event_handler_t handle_event
Callback function that is used to signal events to the application.
unsigned int session_timeout
Number of seconds of inactivity after which an unused session will be closed.
ssize_t(* network_read)(coap_socket_t *sock, coap_packet_t *packet)
size_t(* get_client_psk)(const coap_session_t *session, const uint8_t *hint, size_t hint_len, uint8_t *identity, size_t *identity_len, size_t max_identity_len, uint8_t *psk, size_t max_psk_len)
coap_resource_t * proxy_uri_resource
can be used for handling proxy URI resources
coap_dtls_spsk_t spsk_setup_data
Contains the initial PSK server setup data.
uint8_t block_mode
Zero or more COAP_BLOCK_ or'd options.
coap_resource_t * unknown_resource
can be used for handling unknown resources
unsigned int max_idle_sessions
Maximum number of simultaneous unused sessions per endpoint.
The structure used for defining the Server PSK setup data to be used.
Definition: coap_dtls.h:421
Abstraction of virtual endpoint that can be attached to coap_context_t.
structure for CoAP PDUs token, if any, follows the fixed size header, then options until payload mark...
Queue entry.
coap_session_t * session
the CoAP session
coap_pdu_t * pdu
the CoAP PDU to send
unsigned int timeout
the randomized timeout value
struct coap_queue_t * next
coap_mid_t id
CoAP message id.
coap_tick_t t
when to send PDU for the next time
unsigned char retransmit_cnt
retransmission counter, will be removed when zero
Abstraction of resource that can be attached to coap_context_t.
Abstraction of virtual session that can be attached to coap_context_t (client) or coap_endpoint_t (se...